Our Team & Resources

With our team of Sales Officers at every blocks and Sales Managers in every districts, we are well conected to nook and corners of India.

Our sales team along with all the SOs,SMs also consists of Area Sales Managers and Sales Head for all the states. Vice Presidents,presidents,
HR Managers and other staffs in our management complets our team and resources.

Our Hr Division Consists of Hr Executives,Asst Hr Managers, Hr Managers etc in the hierarchy structurs complements our Team.

With Group Of Service Engineers and Project Engineers in variois locations completes our engineering and Technical Requirements

Our Team Products manufacturiing

Sunmicro Industries Limited is active in electronics, electrical and solar energy equipments manufacturiing and trading. Candidates with exclent communication and interpersonal skill and ability to handle day to day SALES activities can apply in our sales department.

Expreinced or fresher candidates with some business accumen and kin sense of observation in handaling day to day business affair in the branch can be cosidered for Accounts cum store Executive.

candidates having excelent communication skill with a first class MBA in marketing and affinity towards sales and marketing to excell and outperform in his or her field can be taken into selection Process.

Eligible Candidates can apply to sunmicrohr@gmail.com specifing the jobe code and area code.



Location: (District Head Quarter )

In every district there will be a Sales manager. Being in a manegerial position a SM will be responsible for all the sales and marketing related activities in the specified area or assigned Distrct.

Under him there will be 10 to 15 sales officer.

Sarary and incentives:
15000/- month + TA + Incentives as per company norms.


Location: (Block Head quater or Sub Divisional Head quarter)

Every districts is divided into Blocks and subdivision for better governance. So we are also following that structure of government. In every block there will be a sales officer, who will be responsible for all the sales and marketing related activities of his or her specified block. Along with working in team or working individualy he/she has to fulfill the specified target given by the SM.

Afer 6 months of working he will be elgible to appoint Sales Representative under him on commision basis.

Salary and incentives:
9300/- + Ta + Incentives+ othere allownces. as per company norms.

Our Distribution Network:

1. Super Stockist

In every state there will be 2-3 superstockists.

Super stockist will be the handling and distribution incharge for the intended distributors assigned to him in specific area

The sales of Super Stockist will be looked after by the Area Sales Manager( ASM) and his/her complete team and ASM will be responsible for the sales turnover of Super Stockist.

A Super Stockist is the most important and integral part of Our sales and distribution network at Sunmicro Industries Limited.

Super Stockist with 1000 to 1200 sqft office and godown space will have to make an arrangment for the sitting arrangement for ASM and sales team along with maintaining a stock room, service division space and accounts department.

A Super Stockist will be entitled to get a percentage of 3% to 5% on total billing and turnover of his area per month.

All the orders and sales volume will be handled by the superstockist of the assigned area. Looking after the logistics and delivery of the products and equipments, Superstockist have to make an arrangement to Get the products from company and distributing to the distributors assigned to him.

In this process the receiving party has to bear the transportation cost in all cases.

A superstockist can claim the logistic and transportation cost from the company when and where it is applicable.

For the new product lunch and any types of sales promotion by the company the Super stockist has to make an arrangement along with ASM and other staffs of the company.


In every Districts there will be 1-2 Distributors.

Distributors will be the handling, delivery and distribution incharge for the specific district or area assigned to him.

The complete sales of the Distributor will be handled and looked after by the Sales Manager (SM) and his complete team and SM will be responsible for the sales turnover of the Distributor.

Being an integral and indivisible part of our sales and distribution network, Distributor will have to maintain a specied quantity of inventory of products and equipments of Sunmicro Industries Limited.A Distributor will be entitled to get a percentage of 5% to 8% on total billing and turnover of his area per month.

A distributor will make all the billing through the Super Stockist only and in this process being the receiving party of Products and equipments has to bear the transportation cost. A distributor can also claim the logistic and transportation cost when and where applicable from the Sender Company.

For the new product lunch and sales promotion the distributor has to make all the arrangement along with SM and other staffs of the Company.

Our location

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